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Faith Formation Program - Saint George Church in Erie, PA

Saint George Parish encourages parents to be involved in all aspects of their child’s faith development. Parental involvement is so important that the Document on Education from the Second Vatican Council states, “Parents must be acknowledged as the first and foremost educators of their children.”

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Children With Special Needs

The main goal of the religious education program at Saint George Church is to help all students, especially those with special needs. In the event that mainstreaming is not possible, we will provide the textbook and information needed so that the parent may directly develop their child’s faith formation.

Mass Attendance & Sacramental Participation

Faith Formation does not take the place of mass at Saint George Church. It is our expectation that all children will attend and participate at the 9:30am Mass on Sunday. Children’s Liturgy of the Word is offered at the 9:30am Mass for 4 year olds – 4th grade. The class setting is only a fraction of the Faith Formation learning experience.


Registration for Faith Formation classes takes place in July for Confirmation and August for all other grades. All returning and new families need to register for the upcoming school year. Registration forms are also available in the Faith Formation Office. New families are asked to provide the child’s baptismal certificate, unless baptized at Saint George Church.

Registration Fees for St. George Parishioners:

$65   – per student
Sacramental Confirmation Fee: $65 per student

Registration Fees for Non-Parishioners:

$100 per student

Sacramental Confirmation Fee: $100 per student

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Inclement Weather

Inclement weather, power outage, etc. would require Saint George Church to cancel classes. We will post a message on (Click here for login information) or you may call our Faith Formation Office at 864-0622, ext. 281. 

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