Volunteer Clearances | Saint George Church - Erie, PA

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our church!

Everyone who will have direct contact with children must complete both the Pennsylvania Criminal History and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Criminal History background checks.

These are both free for volunteers.

After completing these forms please print a hard copy of each and bring them to the church office to be kept on file.

To access both of these applications please click on the links below:

PA Criminal History

PA Child Abuse History


Also, please read and be familiar with our code of conduct below:

Code of Conduct

To share in the ministry of Christ is a great privilege as well as a tremendous responsibility.
The privilege is the joy of sharing in the mission of Jesus Himself.
The responsibility is acting in a way that conforms to the attitude and actions of
Christ. As is evident in the Gospels, Jesus had a deep, abiding respect for each
human being and never did anything that harmed or misled people in their
personal or spiritual life.

The public needs to know that the Church is committed to protecting the
children/youth who are entrusted to its care and to ensuring that those offering
services are in right relationship with the children/youth receiving services.

There is a challenge in the Scriptures to “live in a manner worthy of the call you
have received, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another
through love, striving to preserve the unity of the Spirit through the bondof peace.”
(Ephesians 4:1-3).

In this spirit, Personnel

  • are expected to represent the Church in a faithful, authentic and loving way, supporting the teachings, disciplines and tradition of the Catholic Church;
  •  will exhibit the highest Catholic ethical standards and personal integrity in their day-to-day work and personal lives;
  •  will conduct themselves in a professional manner in both church and work environments, avoiding any flagrant or public misconduct;
  •  will hold one another accountable to conduct and standard appropriate to their respective roles;
  •  will foster the dignity of each person and be committed to the best interests of others;
  •  will respect the integrity of all individuals and protect the confidentiality of all information to which they have access;
  •  will not take advantage of any relationship with a child/youth for their own benefit;
  •  will not physically, sexually or emotionally abuse anyone;
  •  will not neglect a child who is in their care.