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Listen to Catholic Radio WAOB - now available on the Internet

WAOB broadcasts daily instruction from Pope Francis, daily meditation, the Rosary, the Divine office, Holy Mass and more. Stay tuned!

For children ages 4- 8

Sunday 9:30 a.m. Mass - Sunday, September 18th through Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Grateful Stewards

Recognize your strengths and gifts and offer your time in prayer, talent in ministry, and treasure in financial gifts.

Grateful Stewards Greater Giving

Be grateful for the gifts you have been given!

TIME † TALENT † TREASURE “Grateful Stewards” “Greater Giving”

Past generations built the Church. It is up to us to continue the legacy & ministries for the future.

Greater Giving Requires Action!

Let's focus on the vision and priorities of Saint George Parish today and in the future! Keep the Parish alive!

Saint George Roman Catholic Church in Erie, PA

As one of the largest churches in the Erie area, with 2300 families, we have one of the most active and welcoming parish communities. The main goal of our parish community is to serve you. We welcome people of all ages to become parish members.

Saint George Church offers:

By becoming a part of the Saint George Parish community, your time will truly be valued. Our parish members come together to commit to the love of God and support each other. Whether you're a family or an individual, we invite you to become a part of the Saint George parish family.

Come together with the people of God at Saint George Catholic Church in Erie, PA.